Walls mayor demands traffic light at dangerous intersection

By Chip Washington - bio | email

WALLS, TN (WMC-TV) - The mayor of Walls, Mississippi is on a mission to make an intersection in his town safer.

Mayor Gene Alday said Tuesday that he won't stop until a solution is found at the intersection of Highway 61 and Delta View Road.  According to Alday, there have been too many accidents at the intersection, including fatalities, and he has the stats to prove it.

"We've had 24 accidents," Alday said. "We've had 16 injuries, and we've had two deaths. How many people have to die before the state, MDOT, will do something to help us?"

Alday, along with DeSoto County Board of Supervisors President Bill Russell and Superintendent of Schools Milton Kuykendall, is hoping to speed up the process of getting a signal at the dangerous intersection.

"It's a public safety hazard," Kuykendall said. "Also, we have the buses involved with Highway 61 and that area. We need a traffic light there."

The push to get the light escalated when 39-year old Jamie Holliday, a mother of four and cafeteria worker at nearby Walls Elementary School, lost her life at the intersection in April. Alday has been told by the state a study will be done, but not until fall.

Alday wants action now.

"It's $100,000 dollars for a traffic light," he said. "What's $100,000? I don't know the value of life, but I know it's worth more than $100,000."

Local officials had hoped to get a traffic light in place before classes resume in August at nearby schools.  Alday wants the public to write their state officials and MDOT, asking for the matter to receive immediate attention.

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