Memphis Hosts 3-A.A.U. National Championships This Week

Thousands of NBA Hopefuls are in Memphis this week..

They're here for ANOTHER 3-letter event, the A.A.U. Basketball National Championships.

3-Different titles will be decided here in the Bluff City by the weekend..

The A.A.U. 8-Under Nations..

The 13-and Under Division Two.. And the 13-under Division One national crowns..

The teams come to Memphis from All-over the the Cincinnati Knights in white here taking on the GR Bulldogs from North Carolina at Wooddale High School.

Memphian Bobby Dodd is the President of A.A.U. Basketball..

He says these Tournament are Big Business for Memphis.

"With more than 215 Teams here," Dodd says, "that means with players, coaches, relatives and fans, it's a good size convention visiting our city for 6 or 7 days."

2-Memphis teams played on Monday

The always powerful War Eagles beat the Arkansas Tigers 71-56, and the Memphis Bulls lost in overtime to the Washington D.C. Players 59-58.

The 13-Under National Championship Finals will be Played Sunday Afternoon at Wooddale High, with Div. 2 and Wooddale Middle.

The 8-Under Title Game is Sunday at Hickory Ridge Middle.