Thief stealing underwear from female Ole Miss students

OXFORD, MS (WMC-TV) - Female students at Ole Miss are dealing with more than Summer classes.  Oxford Police said someone is stealing underwear from college students.

Students said people on campus are talking about the thief.

"I heard a couple of kids mentioning it behind us when we were sitting down," said Ashley Willard.

"That would definitely freak me out if some guy was coming in my house trying to steal underwear," said Jessie Morgan.

Oxford Police said the thief is targeting Ole Miss students, but the crimes are not happening on campus.  There have been four different thefts around Oxford, the last taking place at a student's apartment near the Square.

Oxford Police would not reveal everything they know about the thief's methods.

"That's really scary, especially if we don't know what he is capable of," said Whitney Roumain.  "He'll come and steal underwear.  That's personal."

Investigators said the thief has opened unlocked doors.  He has not broken in.  So far, no one has been at the homes when the thief strikes.

"What if I came home and someone was in my house?" Lindsey Pham asked.  "I wouldn't know what to do."

Oxford Police are afraid of someone being home when the lingerie thief strikes because no one knows if thief is armed.  They warned women to be careful, lock doors and be aware of their surroundings

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