Extra Credit: Graham Elwood

By Kym Clark - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - We first met Graham Elwood two years ago after he graduated from Gateway Christian School and prepared to head to Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Fear is obviously not in Graham Elwood's impressive vocabulary. He spent his 16th birthday skydiving!

His headlong rush to start life began when he graduated high school at 13 years of age. And he recently checked off his Associate of Science and General Studies degree at Southwest from his bucket list, graduating Cum Laude with an Associate degree of Science and General Studies.

Now, he'll use his 170 IQ to tackle college life full on by enrolling at the University of Memphis, majoring in Theater with a minor in music.

Graham admits, "I really love music and I love acting and I wanted to put them together, somehow."

He's already a member of three different bands and doesn't foresee any awkward notes in his latest adventure.

It seems college life hits all the right chords for this younger-than-most college student.

"You know, I actually feel more comfortable in college than I did in high school, Graham explains. "I actually graduated right before my 14th birthday and I really didn't have much association with my classmates at Gateway simply because I was in and out. I was just there to work."  Graham continues, "But, now that I'm in college I pretty much fit in. I have the same interests as everyone else and most people don't realize, by my looks, that I'm any younger. So, I don't have problems at all getting involved here," adds Graham.

He also claims college course work gives his boy genius brain a bit more of a challenge but, since he's staring at the U of M as a Junior, he still expects to finish all his undergrad work in just two more years, most likely followed by a Masters in Fine Art.

And then, at last he says, "It'll be a nice breather. That'll be a milestone. A place where I can sit back and relax for a little bit."

But even that breather probably won't last for long. Graham has already sung and danced at Carnegie Hall and won an international acting award.

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