New information revealed about apron bandit

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - New details were revealed about a woman who may have robbed a bank while wearing an apron.

Police pulled over and arrested the apron bandit at the intersection of Raines and Park Forrest in Hickory Hill Thursday night.  The suspect, 38-year-old Stacy Cotton, was officially charged in connection with the Cordova bank robbery.

Surveillance pictures showed a woman resembling Cotton robbing the Regions Bank on Tuesday.  Police arrested her after getting a Crime Stoppers tip.

People who witnessed Cotton being arrested said she had a child with her who looked like she was about eight years old.

Witnesses said they saw police going through Cotton's purse.  After they arrested her, they towed away her car.

Cotton's neighbors said they had no idea what would have motivated her to rob a bank.

"She used to walk her dog up and down the street," said Tesa Williams.  "Never thought she'd do something like that."

"I've never been that motivated to rob a bank," said Elaine Morris, "and I've had some hard times."

People moving things out of Cotton's home refused to speak.

Cotton used to work at computer wholesaler Scan Source, but a security guard said she was fired two years ago.  The security guard also said he thinks that was why she may have been desperate to rob a bank.

The security guard also said Cotton's boyfriend was frequently in the hospital sick.  He believes she may have had large medical bills.

Cotton is in federal custody and faces bank robbery charges.

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