Picture of Murder: The death of Lisa Davis

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BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - It would seem improbable: a murder on a road named Luxury Cove, located in an upscale Bartlett neighborhood.

Killed was a Bartlett model, Lisa Davis, allegedly by a man she met through mutual friends.  Investigators have now filed the final report from their murder investigation, and are sharing it with the public for the first time.

According to Bartlett Police Captain Doug Bailey, the Lisa Davis murder is the most bizarre case he has ever encountered.

"The fact that they weren't well acquainted would be one reason," Bailey said. "As best we can tell, they hardly knew each other at all."

Davis' alleged killer, 21-year-old Austin Agee of Lakeland, lived with his parents and had a girlfriend.  Investigators believe Davis and Agee met on Beale Street through a group of mutual friends the night she was murdered.

Some of those friends, along with Agee, helped Davis get home that night. Investigators believe Agee came back, alone, after Davis was dropped off.

The next day...

"The friends of Miss Davis went to her house to check on her because she hadn't shown up for work," Bailey said. "When they got to the door, they saw through the window, the door glass, what appeared to be a whole lot of blood on the floor."

Never before seen crime scene photos reveal for the first time what Davis' friends saw.  Blood was splattered on the walls and on the floor throughout the front entry way of Davis' home.

Investigators believe the initial assault took place in the home's foyer, with the front door wide open.

"When we looked at it we knew something really, really tragic happened there, and that somebody was in, if not dead, was hurt very, very badly," Bailey said.

But where was the body? Investigators found blood in Davis' bedroom and dining room, and noted that it had been spread around in an attempt to clean it up.  Rubber gloves and a bucket likely used to clean up the area were discovered in a sink, and a mop and other cleaning supplies covered in blood and hair were found in Davis' garage. 

Bartlett investigators started looking at people Davis knew, including her former fiance, who had moved out of the couple's home just days before she disappeared.

"We did continue talking with him until we could finally clear him through an alibi," Bailey said.

Investigators then focused their attention on the people Lisa Davis had been with on Beale Street, particularly Austin Agee, who investigators said showed up at the crime scene while investigators were there.

"They did get a strange vibe from Mr. Agee," Bailey said.

Detectives said they received a report Agee had been acting strangely. They went back to talk with him again, and when his mother went upstairs to get him, Agee shot himself.

"They heard, 'Austin, no!' Then they heard the shot and they ran upstairs and found her, her daughter, Austin, and of course Austin was fatally wounded," Bailey said.

Agee left four hand-written notes, including one to police saying he was sorry and where they could find Davis' body - in a field with tall weeds not far from the Agee home.

Davis had been beaten and shot in the head.  Though Agee apologized for the killing, he did not reveal why he did it.

Austin Agee's family wonders how their mild mannered son could turn into a cold-blooded killer.  His father told Action News 5 he doesn't believe it makes sense, and the family is now conducting its own investigation.

Agee's father said Davis' family is doing the same thing.

In follow-up interviews, investigators said, Agee's girlfriend told them Agee had been crying the weekend Davis disappeared, and that he told her he raped a girl.  Later, he changed his story,  saying he had begged the girl for sex until she gave into his pleas, and that they started to have sex, but he decided he didn't want to anymore.

The girlfriend said Agee told her the girl was blonde, and her name was Lisa.

Investigators found Lisa Davis' blood-soaked bed comforter, bathrobe and one of her earrings in a drum behind Agee's house. There was also blood in his truck.

Detectives say the crime scene showed rage, but they still don't know why it happened.

"The motive is still unknown today," Bailey said. "There's four of us in this room. We could all have four different opinions on what happened."

Though Agee allegedly told his girlfriend he'd raped and begged for sex from a girl named Lisa, a rape kit came back inconclusive.

Friends say Agee had been drinking the night he was on Beale, and investigators did find a half-empty bottle of whiskey and a bottle of vodka in his truck.

Investigators said Agee's autopsy showed he was in renal failure, added that he suffered from kidney problems, even had a kidney transplant some time back.

One investigator noted that psychotic behavior is sometimes a symptom of renal failure, and that, mixed with alcohol, could explain this brutal crime.

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