Two more employees resign from General Services division

By Kontji Anthony - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Two more employees have resigned from Memphis's city auto repair shop since Mayor A C Wharton announced he was stepping up his investigation into Fleet Services late last month.

The FBI is investigating a series of unauthorized and inflated purchases, and Tuesday, Memphis CAO George Little said the city's General Services division has two less employees.

"Annette Clay, who was actually already placed on administrative leave has gone ahead and retired, and Mr. John Love, who was the foreman over heavy maintenance shop, went ahead and retired," Little said.

An internal audit found a city vendor, Around Town Tire and Trucking, was using city parts and equipment for their private tire repair business in Love's unit.

"He was responsible for various maintenance activities, including some of the tires received from Around Town Tire," Little said.

According to Little, Clay said she personally delivered checks to Around Town through a Memphis liquor store.

"Her name came up frequently, not only in some of the audit findings, but also in our internal inquiries," he said.

Love earned just under $78,000 per year. Clay earned almost $60,000.  Little said they would both likely receive pensions.

"As I understand it, unless someone has been disciplined for a major offense and or actually been indicted, there's nothing we can do administratively to prevent them from getting their pensions," he said.

Wharton previously fired Fleet Services Director Estrice Boone.  Master Mechanic Arthur Adams retired after being charged with DUI in a city vehicle.

A firm is overhauling the entire General Services Division, which includes Fleet Services.

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