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Dr. Trent Pierce takes the stand in Randeep Mann trial

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Dr. Randeep Mann Dr. Randeep Mann

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LITTLE ROCK, AR (WMC-TV) - A West Memphis doctor critically injured by a bomb blast took the stand in Arkansas Wednesday.

Dr. Trent Pierce took the stand and told jurors he should be dead.  He broke down several times during his testimony as he described how the bombing affected his life.

Mann's wife and family left the courthouse after Pierce testified that Mann did not seem to understand the accusations against him of over-prescribing medications.

Pierce talked about scolding Mann when he appeared before the Arkansas Medical Board.  The board suspended Mann's right to prescribe narcotics after complaints that patients overdosed and several died.

"I recall I was not the kindest individual to Dr. Mann as Board Chairman," Pierce said.

Prosecutors maintained Mann planned the bombing at Pierce's home in retaliation..

Pierce said he did not remember the bombing.  His first recollection came when he woke up in The MED several weeks later.

Pierce lost an eye, his teeth, his sense of smell in the blast.  He also had several broken bones, burns and his hearing was affected.

Earlier Wednesday, an inmate testified Mann offered him $50,000 to kill Pierce.

Defense attorneys said they will put on a case, but they said they still do not know if Mann will take the stand.

After court ended for the day, the judge in the Randeep Mann trial threatened a mistrial if federal agents did not turn over information defense attorneys wanted.  

Mann's attorneys said ATF agents have turned over some documents with information that has been removed. 

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