School board members tour each others facilities

It's a sight you don't see everyday. City and county school board members walking together through a county school. David Pickler said, "The theme is communication, collaboration, cooperation." These two boards are spending time together, discussing issues that face both districts and sharing ideas. Deni Hirsh, Memphis City School Board member, says she's learning a lot, "We can cooperate and we can feed off each other and..oh that's working for y'all how is it working? is it something that would work for us." This may be more of a forced friendship by two school districts fighting to stay independent. David Pickler, "We believe that we can work cooperatively and independently but still independent." The word consolidation was not spoken among this group. City school board member Deni Hirsh said she learned a lot from Wednesday's school tour and will take back ideas to help city schools. That's one way she says the districts benefit from operating separately. Two boards that never used to speak now hanging out, taking tours and playing nice.