Bank robber found guilty of murder

It took jurors four and a half hours to find Aaron Haynes guilty of five federal charges including Capital murder for the death of Sheryl White. White was a customer in the Union Planters bank at Lamar and Knight Arnold on July 23, 2001. Prosecutors say Aaron Haynes and two other men robbed the bank and witnesses said it was Haynes who pulled the trigger...shooting Cheryl White in the head killing her instantly. Haynes' attorney said witnesses may have been confused and in shock and may have identified the wrong man as the shooter. Jurors disagreed. Jurors in this case aren't done yet. They'll return Saturday at Ten AM to start the Penalty phase. Haynes faces life in prison or the death penalty. Jurors will work Saturday, take Sunday off then be back Monday and may not get this part of the case until Tuesday or Wednesday.