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Featuring Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses
Up to 30 Nights Extended Wear

Focus Night & Day have been specifically designed to be worn continuously for up to 30 nights and days. Just think - no inserting and removing every day, and no cleaning and disinfecting - ever!
In the past, your eye care practitioner probably told you that it is not safe to recommend sleeping in contact lenses overnight. This is because the eye needs a certain amount of oxygen passing through to the eye while sleeping to ensure it stays healthy. Lack of oxygen to the eyes can cause problems when wearing ordinary lenses overnight.
With current materials, the more water in the lens, the more oxygen it transmits - however there is a limit to the amount of water that can be added to current materials. This limits the oxygen getting to the eye. Until now!
Focus Night & Day is made from a breakthrough material, Lotrafilcon A, which makes sleeping in lenses safe again. The special ingredient which makes the lens so permeable is siloxane, not water, and this allows up to 6 times more oxygen to the cornea than standard soft lenses, making it a truly healthy option.
Furthermore, the low water content of the Focus Night & Day lens also enables it to have other benefits such as durability, excellent handling and deposit resistance.
Focus Night & Day lenses offer the ultimate in soft contact lens comfort and convenience. Finally a lens which you can sleep in safely for up to 30 nights at a time - without the hassle of cleaning and disinfecting! And you can get them at any Eye Spectrum location!