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Ask Andy: Healthcare haggling

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - When you need surgery, before you call your doctor for a better deal, you can now be armed with what you should really be paying thanks to a new website,

The site is helpful for both uninsured patients and those with insurance because high deductibles make your costs mostly out of pocket.

It works by typing in your zip code and the name of the procedure you need.  Healthcare Blue Book will provide a list of all the different charges that should be associated with that procedure.

If you are pricing a surgery, the main cost is the facility where the procedure is done.  Healthcare Blue Book lets you compare the cost of having the surgery done in a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center.

Healthcare Blue Book estimated that you could save $2,000 on an ACL knee surgery in Richmond, Virginia just by changing the location of the procedure.  You can even price tests, such as MRIs or CAT Scans.

To visit Healthcare Blue Book, click here.

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