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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: 2 Suspension Notices/High Score in Frayser

By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS (WMC-TV) - They didn't fail.

But two Shelby County restaurants received food permit suspension notices for critical violations.

Los Reyes Mexican Restaurant, 7712 Hwy. 51 N. in Millington, got a letter after scoring a 70 in its Aug. 10 inspection:

"open containers of food in prep cooler"

"water line leak under handsink (in women's bathroom)"

sour cream/cheese sauce at unsafe temperatures

Server Larry Roman graciously gave Action News 5 a tour of the kitchen, which was clean and well-organized. By the time of our inspection (Aug. 24), the sour cream chiller and the cheese dip steamer had been repaired.

The staff sealed all food containers in the walk-in cooler. Plumbers repaired the water leak in the women's room.

"We invite the people to come and check our kitchen because we already fixed it, and everything is OK," said a smiling Roman.

A health inspector came back Aug. 24 and upgraded Los Reyes to an 85.

Krystal, 2153 Frayser Blvd. in Frayser, rated a suspension notice with its Aug. 11 inspection score of 74:

"dead insect inside light fixture"

"box of open sausage patties in freezer"

"toxic items on shelving ...with a jug of wing sauce"

A woman who identified herself as a manager with the name "Becky" hung up on me when I called Krystal's Frayser location, hoping to give it a fair shake.

"Becky" was equally unprofessional when we visited the store Aug. 24, refusing to talk with me and demanding our crew leave the restaurant.

Tommy Cash, Krystal's area operations and human relations manager, said the Frayser store's general manager (NOT "Becky") was in a corporate meeting at the time of my phone call. He said "Becky" should have told me that.

"I apologize that you didn't get told that," Cash said in a phone interview. "We're not going to be evasive.

"Every issue has been fixed, and we've also made changes to make sure we won't be back on your Scorecard."

The Frayser Krystal scored an 83 on its Aug. 26 follow-up.

Frayser's Tops BBQ franchise at 3023 N. Thomas/Hwy 51 landed the high score of the week with a 98.

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