HeartCare rises to next level

High-tech scanners advance detection of heart disease
HeartCare, a new cardiac outpatient diagnostic facility at Wolf River Blvd. and Riverdale, lifts the standard of cardiac care in the Memphis area to a new level. HeartCare houses the region's only 16-detector CT dedicated to cardiac scans. In addition, the recently opened facility has a PET scanner for cardiac perfusion studies, also a first for the region.

The CT (computed tomography) and PET (positron emission tomography) scanning capabilities are non-invasive, highly accurate and cost-effective ways to diagnose coronary artery disease, in some cases prior to the development of symptoms.  Early detection will give many patients time to make significant lifestyle changes or begin appropriate treatment, thus possibly preventing heart attacks, avoiding costly surgery and saving lives.

HeartCare joined with Philips Medical Systems to install $6 million in imaging hardware at 7205 Wolf River Blvd. in Germantown, where HeartCare occupies 27,500 square feet on the ground floor of a new two-story medical building. Cardinal Health, a leading provider of healthcare products and services, is majority partner in the facility.

Although heart scans are available at other facilities in the area, HeartCare's 16-detector cardiac CT is a powerful way to detect coronary artery calcification, a major marker of heart disease. HeartCare's advanced scanning capabilities are part of an array of diagnostic tools, including cardiac catheterization, nuclear imaging and echocardiography, that make the new facility one of the most comprehensive heart and vascular diagnostic centers in the U.S.

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