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Ask Andy: Recycling iPhones

By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - You scrimped and saved to get an iPhone.

Then Apple goes off and makes a better one.

Now a 4 has trumped your 3G -- and you're wishing you could recycle the one you have.  

The editors of consumer resource Bottom Line Personal magazine said an iPhone 3GS in good condition can fetch $200 or more from "e-cyclers." They said even broken iPhones can land $50 or more from wholesalers who are collecting parts.

CNN/Money Magazine recommended three websites where you can "e-cycle" your used iPhones:

* This site partners with Target and other companies as well as with non-profits to help consumers trade in all kinds of gadgets from iPhones to video games. Based in Reno, Nevada, this site deals exclusively with iPhones and iPods. It's a daughter site of Cash for Laptops, which is a VeriSign-secured site. That means it offers reliable, encrypted security in selling your old iPhone. This is an environmentally-conscious site bent on keeping your old iPhone out of a landfill. You send in your old iPhone, inspects it, and if it's cool, you get a check in about a week.

Watch Ask Andy Sunday on Action News 5 after the game for a look at Mid-South stores who pay cash or store credit for your old gadgets!

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