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Family looks for help with curing girl's mysterious illness

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A 10-year-old Memphis girl is suffering with a serious skin disorder that few people can understand.   Each day, Jada Alexander's mother and grandmother have to apply medicine to her feet and other parts of her body covered with a serious skin problem.

"I have a bad case of psoriasis," Jada said in a recent interview.

Jada's psoriasis is so bad that when she takes off her shoes and socks, you can see hundreds of tiny blisters, and her skin so thick and scaly she can hardly move.

"Its kind of hard for me to walk sometimes because it hurts," she said.

Jada's mother, Kathryn Fields,  says the pain gets so bad sometimes Jada has to crawl because it hurts too much to walk...

"It started when she was about five," Fields said.. "We noticed she had a scratch no bigger than the top of my nail on her toe."

Fields says that scratch turned into the family's worst nightmare.  Doctors have tried all kinds of treatments but in five years, there's been very little healing.

As a result of Jada's condition, she has to be home schooled. Her condition is made worse by sunlight, so it's difficult for Jada to go outside and play.  Essentially, her mother says, she is a prisoner in her own home.

"The medicine that she takes, it lowers her immune system almost like a cancer patient," Fields said.

To conceal her skin problem Jada often covers her feet with fancy shoes and socks.  But she says pain is always close by.

"I just got faith that God will help me," she said.

Meanwhile, her family continues to work with doctors here in the Mid-South and look for new medicines that may help..

"I'm frustrated," Fields said. "I'm tired. I get depressed. I get to crying, and if it wasn't for my mom and family, I wouldn't make it."

So Jada and her family hold on to hope that a doctor, somewhere, can come up with something that can end her suffering.

"I'm trying to get any kind of breakthrough help," Fields pleaded. "Somebody lead me in the correct direction to get her to a facility or a doctor that can help us."

Jada says it would be a blessing if doctors could solve her problem.

"It would mean that I would get to go to school, and I would be really, really happy," she said.

Most recently, Fields has made contact with the Dermatology Department at the University of Maryland. Doctors there have a special expertise with the kind of problem Jada is dealing with.

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