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Ground Zero evicted from Beale Street location

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The Ground Zero blues club was as closed and evicted from its location on Beale Street Monday, a representative of the club said.

Around 9:00 a.m. Monday, workers could be seen boxing up items from inside the club and taking them out to waiting trucks.

310 Beale, who owns the building, filed a court-ordered eviction against Ground Zero after the blues club fell behind on rent.  Exactly why that happened, however, is a source of in-fighting.

"We've been lied to," said Ground Zero's marketing director, Anthony Burns. "We've been scammed.

Burns said he is siding with Ground Zero managing partner Natosha Huffstickler, who claims the other two groups of investors abandoned their financial obligation to the club.  Those investors include actor Morgan Freeman and longtime friend Bill Luckett.

The other investors claim Huffstickler excluded them from daily operations.  Both sides have filed lawsuits in an attempt to get the courts to settle the matter.

The collateral damage in the dispute is Ground Zero.

"It's a sad day," Burns said. "It's a sad day for Beale Street, and a sad day for this city."

Lawyers for the other investors declined comment, but both sides said they hope the shut down is only temporary, and they expect Ground Zero to open again in the same location.

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