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Ask Andy: United Nations job scam warning

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By Andy Wise - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - To an unemployed person, any job sounds like a good job, and scammers know it.  Fake job offers with the United Nations have some job seekers risking it all.

The offers are coming from e-mail, regular mail and fax, all with one goal:  to take your money.

The fraud has gotten so bad the UN posted an alert on its website warning the cases are increasing worldwide.

Some of the scams involve up front money, which should be a give away.

There are legitimate jobs there, but job seekers need to know how to spot a fake one.

-No fee should ever be charged at any stage of the recruitment process.

-The UN will not ask for your bank account information of other private information.

-It does not offer "unsolicited" jobs, prizes, awards, certificates or scholarships.

-The UN does not conduct lotteries, nor does it compensate victims of fraud.

Tom Gallagher with the Better Business Bureau said the thieves running the fake job offers are usually targeting people returning home from the military.

"Folks would be attracted to this because they are coming out of the service," said Gallagher.  "They are used to a regiment life and they don't have a job, but there is no such thing as a UN job or contracting job to provide personnel to charge up front money to get a job."

Applying for these jobs could leave someone else with your identity.

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