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Ask Andy: Anti-aging

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Americans spend more than a billion dollars a year on anti-aging products, but more expensive does not always mean better.

Many of these products promise they can give you younger-looking skin.  Makeup artist Tracey Brown said that is why there are so many of them.

"Ninety-eight percent of it is marketing, definitely," said Brown.

L'Oreal has at least six different skin care lines, while Neutrogena has five.

"They are trying to address women at every single step of their life," said Brown.

Brown said while ingredients vary from brand to brand, most products within the same line are pretty much the same.

"It's probably the same basic formulation in every jar, with a little bit of tweaking," said Brown.  "Maybe one has vitamin E and one has not.  Maybe one has peptides, the other does not."

Brown said look for anti-aging products that contain one or more of the following ingredients:  Vitamins A, C and E, hylauronic acid, peptides and retinol.

Brown said many products can multi-task.  For the eyes, she recommended Neutrogena's "Ageless Intensives" lifting eye treatment, which costs about $17.

For skin, Brown recommended Garnier's "Nutritioniste" daily moisture lotion with SPF 28 for the day.  It costs about $12.

"It's got vitamin C, other great ingredients that help with the skin," said Brown.

For night, she recommended Olay's "Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream", which costs about $24.  Consumer Reports also rated the product number one.

"It sculpts, it has peptides, b-complex," said Brown.  "A lot of ingredients in here that are going to help firm the skin."

Brown said you should not expect any miracles, but you can expect some improvement.

"They put a lot of money into ... formulating these products," said Brown.  "So they really do work."

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