Mid-South online company accused of pulling Internet scam

A consumer alert tonight about a Mid-South online company accused of pulling an Internet scam.

In February, A-M-I employees clearly didn't want to talk.

That's when they were given the distinction by the Better Business Bureau as having the WORST complaint record for 2002.

4 months later, amid new allegations of consumer complaints, we were locked out again.

(Reporter) "Did you not want to comment on the complaints of people not getting their money?"

The man at the door had nothing to say about packoutlet.com, the company's newest web site to score low marks with the B-B-B.

Jim Pascover, Mid-South BBB said, "Right now, our file has about 40 unresolved complaints."

The web site claims to sell packing supplies, and has a warehouse that is fully stocked.

A video of a delivery truck at one of the company's listed addresses, but an investigation by the B-B-B found most of the company's warehouses are empty.

"It's mostly associated with their taking orders for merchandise, and taking payment, but not filling the orders."

The company, which goes by many different names, including American Craft Association, did not respond to our request for an interview.

And while the Better Business Bureau doesn't condemn companies, they do hope consumers stay educated about the risks of online shopping.

The Better Business Bureau says they routinely do online checks.

They say if you see the B-B-B logo on a web site, it has been thoroughly investigated.