Man receives ticket for another driver's offense

TERRE HAUTE, IN (CNN) - An Indiana man was surprised to receive a ticket in the mail from a state he hasn't been to in 30 years.

Charlie Monday received a ticket for $82.50 from the state of Pennsylvania, citing him for driving through two toll booths in a semi-truck.

The only problem? Monday doesn't drive a semi and says he hasn't been to Pennsylvania in decades.

The issue arose because Indiana duplicates license plates, so a semi-truck driver with the same plate number did drive through the tolls without paying, but the state sent the fine to the wrong person.

Monday went to his local Bureau of Motor Vehicles to straighten the problem out and received a letter saying the fine was removed. But the message didn't make it to Pennsylvania.

"I received another warning that it's the second time they've informed me that I haven't paid the ticket yet, so I've got to go check on through it again," Monday said.

While he still has a few more calls to make before the issue is resolved, Monday did order new plates. He just hopes this time, he's the only person with that number.

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