Off-duty trooper thwarts attempted rape

HARTFORD, OH (CNN) - The quick-thinking and speedy action of an off-duty Ohio state trooper may have saved a woman's life and prevented a rape.

Jason Bonar was riding his motorcycle when he sensed something was wrong along a lonely, rural road.

"The suspect must have heard the motorcycle coming and got off the woman and headed toward his car. She started screaming 'He's trying to rape me, he's trying to rape me!'" Major Tom Stewart of the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office said.

The 66-year-old woman had been riding her bike along the road when police say a man stopped her to ask for directions, then said he was going to teach her a lesson.

"He makes a couple of remarks to her then grabs her breast and drags her off the road, along a ditch into a wooded area and removes her panties and slacks, and was going to proceed to rape her," Stewart said.

Investigators say Bonar then identified himself as a state trooper and demanded the suspect stop. Instead, the suspect drove away, hitting the trooper in the process. Police continue to search for the suspect.

Trooper Bonar says he does not want the focus to be on him or what he did, but investigators believe had it not been for him, the woman might not be here today.

"I truly believe and some of my colleagues do also that if it wasn't for that trooper, we know we would have a lady who would be the victim of a rape. We might have a woman who was the victim of a homicide, too," Stewart said.

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