Seventh grader stages protest against bullying

MADERA, CA (NBC) - One California seventh grader is staging a protest outside his middle school, saying he's bullied at school and wants it to stop.

Marco Melgoza, a seventh grader in Madera, CA says it's hard to concentrate on school when his classmates are so nasty.

"I've gotten my head smashed in the cement four times and I've been getting called 'gay' and every name in the book," he said.

Marco wants parents to know what's going on, saying most kids never speak up, and he wants to give them a voice.

"I want the community to know that this is really serious, and it could happen to be deadly," Melgoza said.

The school district says the students involved the bullying have apologized and the school officials will continue to do everything they can to help him, including changing some class schedules.

Marco says it hasn't helped, and won't stop him from standing up for himself and for what he believes is right.

"It's hard to be teased or harassed, and I have the right to go to school without being harassed," he said.

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