Jammed gun prevented more schoolyard shootings

SAN DIEGO, CA (CNN) - Bail was set at $10 million Wednesday for a California man charged with 14 counts of attempted murder for opening fire at a San Diego, CA elementary school.

Brendan O'Rourke, 41, a licensed security guard, faces 103 years to life in prison. Prosecutors said if his gun hadn't jammed, more children could have been hurt. Two girls who were shot escaped with minor injuries.

"The bullets went miraculously through and through in their arm area," said deputy district attorney Summer Stephan.

But he didn't stop there. Prosecutors said he shot again at three young boys, but the bullets hit a post nearby.

He shot at teacher's aide Lysette Cox at point-blank range, but something went wrong with his gun.

"One of the casings had been stuck in the revolver," Stephan said. "And therefore, the gun wouldn't go off again."

Local gun expert Mark Halcon explained why the gun malfunctioned.

"Once you fire a cartridge, it expands the casing a little bit. That's why sometimes you have to hit the ejection rod," he said.

Stephan wouldn't divulge O'Rourke's motive, but stressed that children were the target.

"This was a well planned assault on the school," she said.

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