New denim should go unwashed for 6 months

PHILADELPHIA, PA (NBC) - Jean experts recommend wearing a new pair of "raw" jeans for at least six months before throwing them in the wash.

"If you wear the jeans without washing, it'll shape to your body and it fades with your actions," said Sebastian McCall, owner of Charlie's Jeans.

The brand is one of several selling "raw," or unwashed denim, which is a current fashion fad.

All of the vendors urge customers to wear their new pair of jeans for as long as possible before they're cleaned. McCall, who is also a designer, said the reason is that the jeans are completely unique to you.

For the serious denim fan, breaking in a pair of jeans is important business. First comes finding the exact right pair of jeans. Then comes months and months of constant wear.

Some people even go as far as to sleep in their jeans.

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