Couple found shot to death in Whitehaven home

By Lori Brown - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The relative of a Memphis couple found the man and wife shot to death inside their home Sunday.

Edna DeBose, 64, and her husband James DeBose, 70, lived in a peaceful Whitehaven home.  One of Edna DeBose's sisters discovered the couple dead in the house with gunshot wounds around 10:30 Sunday morning.

"I feel real sorry for my sister, because she found her husband who died of a heart attack, and then she went in and found them today," said another of Edna DeBose's sisters, Cleo Jones.

Police said they are not sure how long the couple had been dead.

"It's hard, but we're trying," said Jones.

Jones said her sister and brother-in-law were always helping people in the neighborhood.

"They're good people, go to church," said Jones.  "He was always willing to help anybody."

Jones said James DeBose was battling multiple sclerosis.  She said depression may have gotten the best of him.

"He was hurting, and he had good days and bad days," she said.

Jones said James DeBose took great pride in his yard, which he continued to work on.

"He could get around," said Jones.  "He walked on a cane."

Jones said her sister married James DeBose young and the couple had been married nearly 50 years.  She said her sister was a nurse at Methodist South.  The couple had four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

"Keep us in your prayers," said Jones.

Mark Lewis, who lives four doors down from the couple, said the quiet neighborhood has rarely seen even minor crimes.

"Stuff like that doesn't happen over here," said Lewis.  "It's unusual, very unusual."

Lewis said the couple was a fixture in their Whitehaven community.

"Nice neighbors, didn't bother anybody," he said.

According to Memphis Police, the neighborhood within a half-mile radius of Rosecliff has seen 36 crimes over the last month, but those crimes do not include homicide.

There have been two burglaries, two domestic violence calls, 30 larcenies and two narcotics crimes.  The community has had no robberies, rapes, or motor vehicle thefts in the last 30 days.

Lewis said the fate of the couple was hard to swallow.

"It's real strange, something like this happening," said Lewis.  "That's why the whole neighborhood is out there."

Lewis said it will take a long time to accept what has happened.

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