Tennessee inmates use toilet seat to escape jail

WARREN COUNTY, TN (NBC) - Tennessee police are searching for two inmates who broke out of jail by using part of a toilet.

According to Warren County investigator Bo Ramsey, George Pease and Marty Joe Cooper used the metal object as a tool to dig through the jail wall Saturday.

Investigators said the two men were incarcerated on a long list of charges, including evading arrest, reckless endangerment, and theft of property.

Police said Pease, 34, and Cooper, 18, both have distinctive tattoos. Cooper has a flaming skull and the name "Josie Lee" on his right arm. Pease has a money symbol tattooed on his right arm.

Cooper was described as white, about 5' 8", with brown hair and eyes and a light complexion. And Pease was described as white, about 5' 7", with brown hair and green eyes and a light complexion.

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