FDA approves Botox as migraine treatment

SILVER SPRING, MD (NBC) - Botox isn't just for smoothing wrinkles anymore. The Food and Drug Administration says they now have scientific evidence to approve the famous wrinkle-eraser as a treatment for chronic migraines as well.

The approval comes just a month after the company that makes Botox agreed to pay $600 million to settle claims that it illegally marketed Botox for unapproved uses like headaches.

To treat chronic migraines, Botox is given as injections around the head and neck to dull future headache symptoms. Candidates must have headaches at least 14 days a month and the FDA says the treatment has not been shown to be effective for other forms of headache.

Botox works by paralyzing the muscles that cause the pain, no matter where they are on the head, neck or shoulders.

One session can include dozens of shots and for the most severe cases can cost as much as $3,000 for just one round of treatment.

Since it wears off after three months patients need to repeat the treatment, and the payment, four times a year.

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