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Safety concerns along sections of Greenline

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The new Greenline has been open less than a month in Shelby Farms but already some people are concerned about the safety of the trail.

For runners like Lee and Becky Taylor, sharing the seven mile stretch of Greenline with hundreds of other motorists, bikers, and walkers can be challenging.

"You see a lot of people coming towards you, and you run behind each other so there's more space," Becky Taylor said.

Laura Adams of the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy estimates nearly 350 people an hour are already using certain segments of the trail, and with everyone traveling at different rates of speed, there is a limited amount of space.

Now, some cyclists and pedestrians on the Greenline claim they've had close calls with cars as they cross Highland near Mimosa.

"You just got to keep your eyes open because there are some people that just try to ride or run across," Lee Taylor said. "Some people wait and the cars are stopped, so it is confusing, but it's good having lights flashing."

According to Memphis police, while there have been no reported accidents, cars at the busy intersection have the right of way.  Officials says cars should proceed through the intersection with caution.  

Pedestrians have a stop sign.

"The pedestrians and bikes need to be mindful they're crossing major roads, and need to come to a complete stop and look out for traffic as they cross the roads," Adams said.

According to a state law regarding the right-of-way in crosswalks, If there are no traffic lights, then the pedestrian has the right of way.

Meanwhile, runners like the Taylors agree there are several things people should keep in mind when it comes to safety and etiquette.

"We do our best to just stay on our right and try to avoid traffic and have a good time," Lee Taylor said.

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