Thumb bands bring awareness to texting drivers

MASON CITY, IA (CNN) - Awareness bands are no longer just for your wrist - they are now for your thumbs.

Law enforcement officials in Cerro Gordo County, IA are passing out thumb bands instead of tickets to drivers caught breaking the state's new law making it illegal to text while driving.

The thumb bands are stamped with the message "texting kills" and come in two colors: pink or blue. They are being distributed in an effort to bring awareness to the dangers caused by texting while driving.

Sheriff Kevin Pals said he is already getting request from outside the county from people who want the bands.

"I've got emails from some parents and aunts and uncles in the area, even Des Moines, wanting us to send them some," Pals said. "They want to give them to their nieces and nephews and their sons and daughters, hopefully to remind them not to do it."

Officers will continue to pass out the awareness thumb bands instead of tickets until July 2, 2011.

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