Phone app helps parents track sexting

ST. LOUIS, MO (CNN) - A Missouri father has come up with a solution to a problem that seems to be making headlines lately. He has invented an app to detect sexting on your child's phone.

"It just seemed like there were stories after stories of these kids who would take inappropriate pictures, and they'd end up on the Internet and their lives would be ruined," said Craig Spenner, co-developer of the Mobile Media Guard.

Spenner and co-developer Sean Tierney said Mobile Media Guard can stop the sexting almost as soon as it starts. The smart phone app continuously scans images sent to and from your child's phone, alerting you when it discovers new media.

Once a picture is taken or sent to your child's phone, you can see it on the Mobile Media Guard website. It looks just like an email inbox. The app cannot detect the sender's phone number, however.

"You can quite readily tell what the picture is and whether or not it requires any intervention on your part," Spenner said.

Mom Jennifer Mossman said the app is something she might be interested in.

"I think any type of parental monitoring would be a fabulous idea," she said.

Developers said the app is also an easy way for kids to resist the peer pressure to "sext."

"You know, who wants their folks to be looking at pictures like that," Spenner said.

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