Finger-giving scarecrow not scary, just offensive to some

AMARILLO, TX (CNN) - A Halloween decoration along a road in Amarillo, TX might be the ultimate depiction of a "trick" and a "treat." The stuffed scarecrow gives passing cars the finger while holding a beer can.

Some neighbors are none too impressed.

"A scarecrow, that's what Halloween is about, but flipping off? That's not funny," said neighbor Christy Williams. "That's not scary. That's very disrespectful."

Terry Baughman, the man who put up the decoration on his front lawn, said even his wife doesn't think it's funny.

"She really wasn't too fond of the idea because it's off the highway,"  he said. "She said we'll get the news out here, cops called."

Heather Baughman, Terry's wife, blames a former neighbor for inspiring the decoration.

"He's kind of one of those who sits on the porch and says inappropriate things," she said.

Terry Baughman believes that since the decoration is on his property, it shouldn't be a big deal to passersby. And he's not too concerned about any message he might be sending to his own children.

"We don't condone really drinking, you know, doing what he's doing with the middle finger. If you raise your kids the right way, they're gonna know you don't do that," he said.

Most who see the scarecrow seem to have a sense of humor about it, including the Baughman's next door neighbor, Frank Hut.

"I think it's not offensive. I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it going by," he said. "And I think, maybe he's got an opinion about somebody."

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