Get ready for sticker shock at the grocery store

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (NBC) - You may notice a spike in your grocery bill next time you shop.

Commodities experts say the price you pay for a number of items at the grocery store is on the way up.

A grain shortage and a domestic corn crop that fell short are being blamed for a spike in the prices of everyday items like bread and cereal.

You'll also pay more for meat and dairy, because farmers are paying more for the corn and grain that feed their animals. At some point, they have to pass that cost along to consumers.

Sally Weissman, owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. in Minneapolis, MN is already dealing with price increases.

"What we purchase the most of is butter and cheese and it has just continually gone up since probably June," she said.

Weissman plans on paying more for wheat when she re-orders for next year, as well.

While her staff produces 1,000 loaves of bread a day, she's shuffling her budget around, trying to keep costs down for consumers.

"We try not to, but if it continues, we'll have to. But we try not to," she said.

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