'Miracle' puppy survives being tossed into traffic

MADERA, CA (NBC) - California police are searching for a man who tossed a puppy into traffic Thursday morning. The puppy, now named "Miracle," survived and has been adopted.

Witnesses say they couldn't believe what they were seeing as the puppy darted through traffic.

"[A witness] sees this truck pull over to the side of the road, yanks the puppy out, tosses it in a busy intersection and then just sped off," said Erica Stuart, with the Madera, CA Sheriff's Department.

Animal lovers know the incident could have ended tragically.

"Dropping him off on the street to be hit by cars, injured, maimed, killed, that's inexcusable and inhumane," said Kirsten Gross, with Madera, CA animal control. "You're required by conscience and by law to take care of this animal properly, food, water, shelter, just the basics. And if you can't, bring it into the animal shelter."

The puppy was rescued and brought to the local humane shelter, where she was named "Miracle." She was adopted by the reporter who covered the story.

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