Seeing-eye donkey befriends blind horse

ROWLEY, IOWA (NBC) - It's hard to separate best friends.

Two recent arrivals at an Iowa animal shelter share a unique bond.

Wherever Recca the donkey leads, Costar, a horse, follows. That's because Recca serves as Costar's seeing-eye donkey. Vets say that Costar is fully blind in one eye and mostly blind in another.

"When we first put the water tank out, we tried to show CoStar where it was, but she lost her bearings, so Recca would go over and nudge her until she found it," said Amanda Johnson of the Rural Iowa Animal Rescue.

Johnson has tried to make things easier for Costar by attaching a small bell to Recca's halter.

"Before, we didn't have a bell on Recca so the horse would run into the donkey to find her," Johnson said.

"So we put a bell on the donkey's halter, so now she kind of knows where she's at and she can hear her when she walks around."

Johnson is even trying to teach Recca to ring the bell for Costar.

The shelter is now trying to find someone that will adopt both animals.

"They will have to go to a home together because of that bond. We don't want to separate them," Johnson said. "These two rely so heavily on each other. Even Recca relies on Costar. She needs that companionship and she thrives on being able to help Costar see."

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