Florida man creates cigarette fit for the president

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL (NBC) - A Florida man has created a cigarette brand that some say draws a little presidential inspiration.

The makers call them 'Bama's,' but with a signature oval ring around the logo, they have an uncanny likeness to the president's last name.

"It's edgy," said Rob Klotzback, one of the brand's creators. "It's easy to remember, the packaging is pretty attractive and it's a good smoke."

Klotzback and two other partners created the brand in May.

The cigarettes are sold in five states, including Florida.

The brand's creator said the "O" around the brand name is just a flavor circle, but he said he figures the administration already is or soon will be aware of his product.

"Every brand that gets trademarked, you file with the FTC, which is in Washington. They get a copy of the picture of the packaging and the brand name," Klotzback explained.

He said there's nothing political about the brand, despite any likeness.

"Some people get mad and that's their opinion. And some people just get the funniness of it," said James Vitello, who works at a Palm Coast store that sells the product.

A pack of the cigarettes sells for just more than $4 in Florida, which is in the low- to mid-range compared to the cost of other brands.

So far, Klotzback said he has no plans to send any of the cigarettes to Barack Obama.

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