Foreclosure signs make home a burglary target

By Lori Brown - bio | email

CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - For-sale signs and foreclosure notices may look like invitations for burglars. One woman with no previous criminal record apparently thought she could help herself to belongings in an unoccupied house.

"Some people just don't have a heart," Leslie Ross said after her mother's house was burglarized.

According to court records, Kimberly Davis, 36, is the culprit.

Davis told police she came to the house at 9:30 Monday morning and saw, "several foreclosure stickers on the window and assumed it was vacant".

Davis went to a back door, and found that it was unlocked, and let herself in.

Police say she admitted to taking things from the house and putting them in her car.

"She had several of my son's clothes, his shoes, coats, his toys a lot of my mom's jewelry," Ross said.

Davis apparently didn't take burglary 101, that teaches crooks to quickly leave with their loot. Instead Davis fell asleep parked in the home's yard.

Police say she was there for hours, until a neighbor arrived home.

"He thought she was dead," Ross said. "He went to go check on her....He was asking her, are you okay, what's going on? And she was like, 'oh, I live here, and I lost my keys in the house'. He was like, you don't live here, I know the people that own this house."

Davis's boyfriend and their son came to the house Tuesday afternoon, looking for the keys to his car that got towed.

"I think she needs help," Sittratah Panyanouvong said. "She's taking pills for her leg."

Panyanouvong said Davis has fibromyalgia, a chronic condition characterized by widespread pain.

Davis's son says the prescription pills his mom takes are bad.

"It will screw your life up," Brendon Panyanouvong said.

Davis is still in jail tonight charged with aggravated burglary.

The burglarized family received all of their belongings back.

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