Memphis Animal Shelter searching for owner of wayward ram

By Jamel Major - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Over the past few weeks, Memphis Animal Services has been trying to locate the owner of a unique animal - a Hampshire Ram.

"Unfortunately, we haven't been successful," shelter administrator Matthew Pepper said Thursday. "We've contacted the Department of Agriculture with no luck."

According to Pepper, an officer at the shelter found the animal near Chelsea and Breedlove in Memphis.

"It's not a dangerous animal, but you always wonder if it could cause a traffic accident or do something to actually cause someone to get injured,"  he said.

Pepper and his staff are still not sure how the animal got there.

"It's somewhat more of a more urban area than you'd think," he said. "What happens is as the urban and rural starts to meet some of these animals go for a walk.  Now he's under our care."

The animal does has ear tags but no other form of owner identification.

"Some of the animals can go for a long distance," Pepper said. "It's really hard to identify.  I couldn't tell you for sure where he came from."

Since the owner has not been found, the ram will most likely have to be auctioned off.

"Unlike dogs and cats we can use the adoption process, which is the preferred method of placement, when you think about livestock species there's a different method of placement under the ordinance," Pepper said.

If you know who the ram belongs to or have any information that can help Memphis Animal Services, call the shelter at (901) 362-5310.

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