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Dumpster diving criminals caught on camera

By Lisa Washington

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Crooks targeting a Mid-South business by searching through their trash, and the entire crime was caught by surveillance cameras.

Tuesday night, surveillance video at Integrated Solutions on South Perkins showed a pickup truck next to a dumpster.

"It appears they had been searching for pallets that had been left outside," said Integrated Solutions president Dan Staser.

The company provides conveyer systems and materials for warehouses.  Staser said stealing wood pallets is becoming a trend for local thieves.

"They can sell them to recyclers," he said.

There were no pallets in Staser's dumpster that night, but that did not stop the crooks from digging in.  Neither did the sign warning that security cameras were in use.

When the crooks did not get what they wanted by just digging in, they decided to use a chain to dump the contents of the dumpster.

Once it was turned over, a third suspect, this one on crutches, hobbled out of the pickup truck to search the contents.  Staser said what they found could have only amounted to $15 at the most.

"That's our best estimate," said Staser.  "It could have been worth five."

Staser said he would like to see the suspects go to jail.  

"They obviously had complete disregard for our personal property," he said, "and it took a lot of effort to labor to turn this dumpster back over and reload all of this stuff in."

Memphis Police are investigating the case.  Staser said he hopes someone will recognize the crooks and call police.

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