Sailor stranded at sea rescued after 3 days

MAYPORT, FL (CNN) - A 73-year-old mariner was rescued Wednesday off the coast of Jacksonville after drifting three days at sea.

Richard Steg left Daytona, FL on Monday in his 35-foot single-last sailboat.

He ran into heavy weather and the mast was snapped by heavy seas - but he says he had things under control.

"There was never any panic, never any panic, I love being out there as a matter of fact except for not having a mast and having a lot of things to do. And, worrying that this cinder board was going to bash a hole through the bottom of the boat," Steg said.

He was on his way to Connecticut when he ran into trouble.

Steg said he slept with his bags packed and food supplies on stand-by "so if I felt water coming in the boat because the mast was bashing a hole in the bottom of the hull that I'd be able to take these things throw them in the dinghy, motorless dinghy, and I'd presumably row 50 miles to shore."

He was able to put out one mayday call before he lost power. A tugboat heard the call and alerted the Coast Guard.

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