Woman bites clinic owner over dog delay

FORT MYERS, FL (NBC) - A Florida woman is facing charges after allegedly biting a worker at a veterinary clinic.

Officials at the Affordable Animal Care Clinic in Fort Myers, FL said Kathleen Minneker dropped off her two shitzu dogs almost an hour late to be groomed and was mad when they weren't ready in time. So, deputies said, she started biting.

The owner of the clinic, Gina Brashear, is covered in bites, bruises and scratches, which forced her to be hospitalized.

"She bit me, clawed me, and was on top of me just biting me," Brashear said. "She's a biter."

Brashear said Minnekar came in late, close to closing time.

"It takes an hour and 15 minutes per dog," she said. "So, she knew we weren't going to be done until 6 p.m."

She also explained that the dogs' fur was matted, so it took a little longer, and said Minneker, who showed up early, was not happy they weren't finished.

"We hear this bang, bang, bang on the door," she said. "And I'm like, 'Oh God.'"

Deputies said Minneker began screaming, "Where are my dogs?"

That's when she attacked the groomer and Brashear got in the way to stop the attack.

"I ran down the hall, opened my arms up, and got between them," she said.

She said Minneker pushed her to the ground, cracking her tail bone, and biting her everywhere.

"A chunk is gone off my finger and a chunk off my toe," she said.

Deputies rushed to the scene and arrested Minneker. Wednesday, she was out of jail on that battery charge, but didn't answer the door at her home.

Brashear said that the clinic has had problems with Minneker in the past, but nothing like this.

Brashear, who was released from the hospital on Wednesday, is on seven different medications to stop the infection from human bites.

Even though she runs a veterinarian clinic, she said she never expected to be bitten this badly - at least not by a customer.

"No, never a human," she said. "This is a first."

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