Premature baby weighed 13 pounds

FORT WORTH, TX (NBC) - They say everything is bigger in Texas, and at 13 pounds, one premature newborn is proving to be just that.

"We knew he was going to be a little larger than average," said proud father Mike Mansfield. "But nothing like this."

Justice Reighn Mansfield made his big entrance into the world at a Fort Worth, TX hospital on Saturday, three weeks before his due date. Because his mother has type-2 diabetes, doctors expected he'd be 9 or 10 pounds at the most.

In fact, doctors at Texas Health Southwest said they've never delivered a baby this big. He's almost twice the size of the average newborn.

Even the mother was surprised.

"She was trying to figure out who had a 13-pound baby," Mike Mansfield said, laughing. "And they said, 'Honey, that was you'.'"

The newborn is being monitored in the neonatal ICU, and nurses say mother and child are in good health.

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