Giants player forms special bond with TX cancer patient

ALEDO, TX (CNN) - The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers square off again Thursday night in Game 2 of the World Series in San Francisco.

And while most Texans will probably be rooting for the Rangers, there is one Giants player rooting for a Texan.

Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff has formed a special bond with 7-year-old Joe Turner, who was diagnosed with a tumor on his kidney.

"He is cheering for me, like help me win the battle over cancer," said Turner, a resident of Aledo, TX.

Huff sent the family autographed hats, balls and bats, as well as his personal email address.

"It's special knowing he reached out to our son during this time and he's such a special guy to do that," said Joe's mom, Liz Turner.

In August, Huff paid to fly the Turners to San Francisco to hang out with the team. The 7-year-old gave Huff a bracelet that reads "Going to bat 4 Joe," and Huff wore it all throughout the playoffs.

Joe isn't cheering against the Rangers. He's just cheering for a man his family calls a blessing.

"It's harder to hit home runs because the pitchers are getting harder, but I bet he will," Joe Turner said.

Whether the Giants win or lose, the Turners will all celebrate when the World Series is over. They expect Joe to be declared cancer-free.

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