Black Friday comes a month early

(NBC) - If you're holding out for those Black Friday sales, how does this Friday sound? Many retailers are counting on early sales to boost the holiday bottom-line.

An annual holiday survey by Deloitte Consulting showed that six in ten Americans expect to spend more this year.

Still, a third say they've changed spending habits for good and will be using more cash, spending less, and demanding better prices.

"The key for retailers is going to be promotion," said Deloitte's John Rooney. "Understanding that the consumer is into this new normal mindset."

But Black Friday in October?

"Forty percent of consumers have told us they've already started shopping," said National Retail Federation's Mike Gatti. "This is really just a way for retailers to respond using an already established sale day."

That shopping list might be a short one. In the Deloitte survey, 44 percent of the respondents said they'd like to get a gift card.

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