Unmarked SUV hands out speeding tickets in Millington

By Lisa Washington

MILLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Drivers going over the speed limit in Millington might miss a white van being parked in various spots across the city, but they won't miss the results of speeding past it.

In August, the city of Millington put its speed van on the streets. The unmarked SUV captures unassuming speeders, who receive tickets in the mail.  In less than three months, hundreds of people have received tickets, even a few officers of the law.

Millington's mayor, Richard Hodges, says no one is exempt from getting the $50 ticket - not even him.

"I was one of the first one to get one myself," he said.

The truck is moved regularly to areas where drivers are prone to speeding.

"It's evenly spread out," Hodges said. "We don't just pick one spot every day."

Action News 5 learned that among the tickets issued were a few to law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions.

"We've had different police agencies that have gotten tickets," Hodges said. "I think Memphis has gotten a couple."

So have Millington police officers and deputies in Shelby County.  But according to Hodges, the speed van is working. From July to September, there's been a decrease in the number of crashes and related injuries.

If the speed van catches speeding emergency vehicles responding to a call, that ticket is automatically dismissed.

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