Artist's "sketchy" subway behavior turns train time into art

NEW YORK (NBC) - Eric Molinsky is just your average New York subway rider, passing the time on his iPhone, except he has mastered the medium of touch screen art.

"[People] are just kind of in the zone in the subway," he said. "It's kind of a private moment in a weird way, that they're in, and I'm just sort of observing it from the outside," he said.

Whipping from screen to screen, a flourish here, some color there, then sometimes only a stop later he's done.

Sketch after sketch, face after face, anyone and everyone is fair game.

"I tend not to show them to people because people say 'Oh, you're drawing, let me see.' And then they look at it, people are insecure about certain things, and they say 'Oh, I'm not that bald. My nose isn't that big!'"

Molinsky has been sketching people all his life and says there's nothing quite like faces in New York City.

"You have this amazing canvas of people. On July 4, I saw a woman in a burka and then a bunch of orthodox Jews right next to her. And I thought 'Only in New York do you get this diversity of people.'"

He's drawn hundreds of portraits this year, and if you ride the subways, be warned. You could be next.

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