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Can an at home test accurately predict a baby's gender?

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Can a new take home test predict the gender of a baby as early as 10 weeks into a mother's pregnancy?

To find out, Action News 5 employed the help of morning show reporter Amy Speropoulos, who recently learned she was pregnant.  A mother of two girls, Amy was anxious to find out what her third child would be, saying the "pressure was on" to have a boy.

According to Amy's doctor, Aric Giddens, more and more expectant mothers want to find out the gender of their babies as early as possible.

"Now it's 95 to 99 percent who want to know, and they want to know as soon as possible, so they're even more impatient today," Giddens said.

Enter Texas-based IntelliGender, which sells an at-home test it claims can accurately predict a baby's gender as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy.  IntelliGender's website says the test detects hormones which, when combined with chemicals, react differently if the mother is carrying a boy or girl.

The IntelliGender test kit comes with a cup that is used to collect a urine sample, and the actual test unit is clearly labeled 'girl' on one side and 'boy' on the other.  

Taking the test is simple, Amy said, but the five- minute wait for a result might seem like an eternity for some.

Amy's IntelliGender test reported that she will have a boy.  So what did her ultrasound say?

"It's a girl," Giddens said during a live ultrasound Wednesday night on Action News 5.

Thursday on Action News 5, hear from a doctor who had some very interesting things to say about the pregnancy test.  Plus, find out if it's worth your money, and more about the science behind it.

Click here to visit IntelliGender's website.

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