Memphis Smokes offers wide variety for discriminating tastes

When it comes to the finest cigars, Memphis Smokes is the place to find what you're looking for.  You can also find more than 200 varieties of beer. Memphis Smokes also features hard-to-find smoking accessories, including cigar and cigarette holders, pipes, and more. 
Walk into the room-sized humidor at Memphis Smokes and select the handmade cigar that will help end your day with a smooth, relaxing puff.  We carry all the major quality brands.  For July only with our printable coupons, get 20% off all fine cigars.  And if you buy five cigars, you get a free jet lighter.

You can also browse case after case of more than 200 brands of beer, from across the country and around the world.  You don't have to settle for a six pack of just one brand.  You may choose from all the brands available, and make your own six pack for $8.99.