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Ask Andy: Secure Holiday Shopping

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MEMPHIS (WMC-TV) - Maybe you're thinking the shopping hassles eased up around midnight at the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You're joking, right?

Holiday shopping thieves are just getting started, both online and in the stores.

Discover ( shared some great tips on enjoying a more secure shopping experience:


* ONLY USE YOUR CREDIT CARD. You should never use your debit card online. That's like launching your checking account number and the security code to get in it all over cyberspace. Your credit card has built-in protections. You're never liable for more than $50 of a disputed charge, and most cards now offer zero liability on all purchases.

* SHOP ONLY SECURE SITES. You'll know they're secure when there's an "s" after the http in the web address bar on the page where you punch in your credit card number. There will also be a "locked" symbol in the lower-right corner of your browser.

* CONFIRM THEIR "TRUST MARKS." Retail sites often sport security seals, either from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), VeriSign or TRUSTe.  To confirm them, click on the seals.  If they're real, you'll be linked to their certified sites. If you're not linked to their legitimate sites, the seals are fakes.


* BEWARE OF "SHOULDER SURFING." Thieves listen at the check-out counter for your account numbers or addresses. They're also armed with cell phone cameras to take pictures of your checks as you're writing them.

* KEEP RECEIPTS IN YOUR WALLET OR PURSE, NOT YOUR SHOPPING BAGS. Shred them as soon as you reconcile them with your bank statements.

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