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Ask Andy: Airline codes

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - When it comes to air travel, no one wants to risk getting bumped.

"You got to be here early so you don't get bumped and you make your flight," said traveler Dianne Williams.  "I come as early as I possibly can."

Before you stress out too much, you may want to take a look at the airline code on your ticket.  If you see a "Y", you have little chance of getting bumped and a big chance of scoring a free first class upgrade.

"A full coach fare is very unrestricted," said Victor Abraham with Sky Pass Travel.  "You can walk on the plane anytime."

"Y" is the universal code for full fare coach.  While the ticket usually costs more, airlines will often reward you for it, sometimes even with frequent flyer miles.

If your ticket shows a code like "L" or "V", you're in the sub-class.  "L" is usually a deep discounted ticket with few rights and lots of restrictions, which means you are usually the first to go if you show up late.

The only way to improve your code is to pay more, something most leisure travelers do not want to do.

"I live on a budget," said traveler Israel Villanue.  "I try to find the cheapest one out there."

With a cheap ticket, check in early or online if you can.  If you score the coveted "Y" class code, ask for an upgrade.

"I think there is a privilege there if they fly enough," said traveler Bob Songstad.  "Hey, they deserve it."

If you see an "F" or a "P" in the code on your ticket, you are most likely booked in first class already.

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